Damage reported in Cypress after apparent tornado

CYPRESS, Texas – Several KPRC viewers reported Saturday that a tornado touched down in the Cypress area.

There is no official confirmation of a tornado. 

The reports came in after the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for northwest Harris County.

Kassandra Flores shared video with KPRC2 of her surveillance capturing a fence being thrown by the high winds into her home.

Surveillance video of fence smashing into home

Several videos that were circulating on social media seemed to show a funnel cloud form, while others appeared to show the funnel touching the ground.

Viewer video of possible tornado

It was not immediately clear if there were any injuries, but a video posted on Twitter appeared to show some damage to buildings and fences.

Paul de la Cruz posted video of a pickup truck on its side near Barker Cypress Road and Longenbaugh Drive. A man was stuck inside and de la Cruz as well as other good Samaritans helped him get out of the truck.

VIDEO: Man pulled from overturned truck

KPRC2 viewer Kennedy Green also posted video of a possible tornado in the Cypress area.

VIDEO: Possible tornado touches down in Cypress

Officials at the Harris County Fire Marshall's Office reported damage near the Berry Center.

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