Tuesday marks 1 year since Houston's Tax Day floods

HOUSTON – One year ago, the Houston area was devastated by storms and flooding.

That flooding affected neighborhoods from Katy to Meyerland and to the north in Greenspoint.

Greenspoint was one of the hardest hit areas, where hundreds of families had to be rescued from their homes.

Antanisha Richardson lives in an upstairs unit, but lived on the first floor at Arbor Court during the Tax Day floods.

"The water went up high. My TV on my wall was on the floor," Richardson said. "A boat came and got me."

She and hundreds of other people spent the night in a Red Cross shelter at the M.O. Cambell Educational Center where families got separated.

Now, one year later, there's another day of heavy rains.

"I was looking outside like, 'Please don't let it flood." Richardson said.

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The widespread flooding claimed the lives of eight people. All eight victims died in their cars.

It takes just 12 inches of flowing water to carry a small car off a road, and 18 to 24 inches for larger vehicles.

More than half of the deaths from flooding each year occur in vehicles.

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Houston is no stranger to flooding.

Since not only the Tax Day floods, but also the Halloween and Memorial Day floods of 2015, leaders have put forward plans aimed at improving the city's storm water system.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced in January the formation of the Storm Water Action Team. The team's objective is to proactively work to prevent drainage problems that are not attributed to the overflow from bayous and creeks.

An initial funding of $10 million was approved by the Houston City Council to address everything from replacing sewer inlets and grates to grading ditches and culverts.

"I hope they do something about this flooding. Redecorating apartments isn't going to stop anything. It can end up happening again," Richardson said.

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