Heavy rains leave parts of Santa Fe under water

SANTA FE, Texas – Sections of Santa Fe were flooded Tuesday after strong storms dumped several inches of rain on the Galveston County town.

Most of the city’s streets were covered by water and some homes were flooded.

"I've never seen this and I've lived here almost 30 years," homeowner Vanessa Steele said.

VIDEO: Sky 2 flies over flooded areas of Santa Fe

There were no road closures reported, but people were having a tough time getting around if they did not have the right mode of transportation.

On one stretch of Avenue R every type of transportation possible could be seen passing through the flooded streets - from four wheelers to large pickup trucks to kayaks. Some even opted to brave the waters on foot.

"I'm positive about it,” said another homeowner who did not want to be identified. “There's no sense in being negative. Most of the flooring we had gotten is underwater now and we probably have to repair some sheet rock."

Despite that, the adversity was no match for this community as the they quickly came together.

"We're just going seeing if they need water, supplies or anything,” resident Michael Melancon said. “Just making sure everybody's OK.

Melancon and his mother, Diane, were paddling up and down the road in kayaks looking to help.

Emergency officials were patrolling the city to offer assistance and make sure residents stayed out of the dangerous areas.

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