Mayor sets goal of ending Houston traffic deaths by 2030

HOUSTON – Houston's roads are notoriously among the most dangerous in the nation. On Tuesday, Mayor Sylvester Turner signed an executive order to adopt Vision Zero, a plan to end traffic deaths in Houston by 2030. 

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a global initiative already underway in several U.S. cities to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries resulting from crashes on local roads. 

"Why say 10 percent? That doesn't get you anywhere. The goal should be zero. It forces all of us to really stretch because you don't want anybody to lose his or her life on our streets when it's avoidable and preventable and it is.  I think we have to be bold, we have to send a very strong message within city departments and people living and working in city, this is the goal, this is the objective. Otherwise, we will continue to make excuses. no more excuses," Turner said. 

How will Vision Zero be implemented in Houston? 

Vision Zero will be a collaboration of city departments with a focus on five areas: engineering, education, enforcement, equity and evaluation. The mayor says there will be a heavy emphasis on improved street design. 

"We can enhance the safety through the engineering," Turner said.

The mayor also said traffic enforcement and educating the public on safe driving practices will also be a part of the project. 

When will we see the first Vision Zero projects? 

An executive committee appointed by the mayor is expected to roll out its first initiatives by summer 2020. 

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