Oilers legend Warren Moon talks Drew Brees, racial profiling

Moon was the first black quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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HOUSTON – Warren Moon says he knows racism and has experienced it all too well.

After all, he had to play in the Canadian league before the NFL would accept him as a black quarterback.

With social justice issues front and center, Moon opened up about his personal experiences. He also spoke about Drew Brees’ comments and apology, and how he balances respect for police officers with fear.

Moon on Drew Brees’ initial comments

I’ve known Drew a long time and I’m aware of all the things he’s done in the (New Orleans) area,” Moon said. “But he was just really close-minded to the subject of what was really going on out there with all these protests and what the kneeling was all about for the last three or four years. That’s the thing that was disappointing to me, he wasn’t able to listen and understand what a lot of these players are going through."

"You got to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes sometimes, and it’s not always about what you feel... even though your feelings are important,” Moon explained. “You also have to consider other people’s feelings and I don’t think he was doing that.”

“I know he’s a good person, and I know he does good things for a lot of different people, especially African Americans, but he was very close-minded when it came to that subject.”

On Brees’ apology