Astros, MLB investigating after report surfaces claiming team stole signs electronically in 2017

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HOUSTON – The Houston Astros said in a statement Tuesday that the team is investigating - in cooperation with Major League Baseball - a report by The Athletic claiming the team stole signs in 2017 using video cameras. 

“Regarding the story posted by The Athletic earlier today, the Houston Astros organization has begun an investigation in cooperation with Major League Baseball. It would not be appropriate to comment further on this matter at this time," the team wrote. 

The Athletic claims that four people who were with the team in 2017, including pitcher Mike Fiers, said that the team stole signs during home games at Minute Maid Park, using a camera in the outfield. 

The Athletic report claims Astros sources told them the team used a feed from a camera in center field that was fixed on the opposing catcher's signs. The feed was allegedly hooked up to a monitor in a hallway near the Astros dugout. Team employees and players allegedly watched the monitor to decode the signs and would let the Astros' batters know using a loud sound like banging a bat on a trashcan. 

Major League Baseball rules prohibit teams from using electronic equipment to steal signs. 

A Yankee blogger on Twitter claims to have broken down the moments in 2017 when the Astros cheated. @Jomboy posted the video on Twitter which is now getting a lot of traction. Warning: There is some strong language in the video.  



This is just the newest controversy to dog the team. Last month, the team fired Assistant General Manager Brandon Taubman for inappropriate comments he directed at three female reporters in the locker room during champagne celebrations following the team's win that led to the American League Championship Series title.