LOL: Houston Astros' youngest fans say the darnedest things

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HOUSTON – The Houston Astros have fans of every age, but not all fans of every age have mastered the intricacies of communication and baseball. 

KPRC 2 asked our social media fans what the littlest fans in their lives have said about the Astros and the World Series. Here are some of the best responses we received.

Viewer Erin Nix: "Why doesn't be just hit the ball harder so he gets a homerun?"  Also, "Why doesn't he just run faster, so he gets there before the ball?"

Viewer melbanksmama on her 3-year-old: "Ugh baseball again?? I want to watch no more sports!"

Viewer housegoebel: " 'Mom, thank goodness Elf on the Shelf is an Astros fan!!!!' In our house the elf wears an Astros tiny helmet!"

Viewer dianadeette: "The morning after an ALCS game my granddaughter asked if we beat the 'Wankees' last night!😜"

Viewer Krysten Powers' 4-year-old daughter: "Mom, did the Astros baseball win?" 
Me: "Yes, they did."
Her: "Yay! I'm so proud of them. I'm so proud of my best friend George Springer!" 
Powers wrote, "She also says that when he is done playing baseball he will come over to our house for dinner."

Viewer Gina Santavicca wrote: "My 6-year-old grandson said, 'Mimi what color are you voting for? Orange or Blue and Red because that's who I'm voting for too!!'"

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