This family wants to see Astros win so badly they loaded into an RV, are headed to DC

HOUSTON – One Cleveland family and their friends embarked on the trip of a lifetime from Houston to DC to be there for the Houston Astros as they take on the Nationals for a chance at another World Series win.

Jaqueline and William Crawford have been Astros fans ever since they could remember. However, when they were not able to make it to the ALCS games, they decided to go all-in and cheer on the Astros at the World Series.

"It was kind of a last-minute decision and we wanted to take the kids on an adventure of a lifetime," William Crawford said.

While the family's last-minute decision to buy World Series tickets cost them a pretty penny, they know it will be well worth it.

The adventure will take them 1,400 miles away on a 20-hour road trip ending at Nationals Park in Washington DC. The family rented out an RV, which they decked out in Astros pride.

"We're going to go get those Astros. We're going to cheer them on and we're going to take it back home." Jaqueline Crawford said.

The Crawfords started their drive on Friday and have high hopes for the team.

"I'm hoping (the Astros) whoop (the Nationals') butts, and we end up with a World Series title again," their son, Hunter Crawford, said.

The 20-hour drive will be worth it to watch the Astros play in a World Series game.

"They need a little help from their home crowd, so we're going to do our best," William Crawford said. "We hope for a win. We hope to bring back the title."

Despite being down 0-2, the family thinks the Astros can still win it all.

"You never know,"  Hunter Crawford said. "You never know what can happen."