'Houston's like a family': Fan with 2017 World Series ring tattoo is ready for another big win

One Astros superfan has made the team a permanent part of who his.

HOUSTON – One Astros superfan has made the team a permanent part of who he is.

After following the Astros ever since he could remember, Adrian Garcia decided to get a tattoo to remind him and show others about the pride he feels for his team.

"This means a lot. Not just for me but for Houston," Garcia said.

Garcia knew he wanted to honor the Astros in any way he knew how, so he made a promise to his friends and family during the 2017 World Series.

"I said, 'Hey look, if we win, I gotta get the ring tattooed on me,'" Garcia said.

And, to his delight, the Astros made history, taking home the 2017 title of World Series champions.

He asked his friend Leo Aranda -- who co-owns Bound By Ink, a tattoo parlor in north Houston -- to create a tattoo of the championship ring. However, it was more than just a ring, it was about what Houston stands for.

"This part, 2017, that was a tough year but we made it," Garcia said.

To Garcia, his tattoo stood for resilience, strength and the accomplishments earned time and time again.

"It just means something," Garcia said. "Houston strong. So we're like a family. Houston's like a family. That's how I see it."

Aranda has done many Houston related tattoos, and he is proud to do them.

"It's Houston, you know, you got to represent your city," Aranda said.

It is a city that is no stranger to overcoming hardship. Houston wanted the World Series then, earned it, and now Garcia says Houston wants it again more than ever. If the Astros do win, Garcia and Aranda will have some work to do.

"[I'm going to get] another [tattoo]. Another one for sure!" Garcia said. 

The Astros will take on the Nationals in DC Friday. First pitch is at 7:07 p.m.