Meet the superfan who has nearly every Astros bobblehead in existence

HOUSTON – One Astros fan has been collecting some serious team memorabilia.

In just two years, Angelo Colon has accumulated hundreds of Astros bobbleheads in his Pearland home.

Angelo Colon has been collecting the bobbleheads since 2017. He has almost every Astros bobblehead in existence, and it all started as a pleasant surprise at a game.

"I was headed to the game and I got a notification on my ballpark app and it said, 'Would you like to upgrade your seat and add a bobblehead to it,'" Colon said. "It said $15 (to) add a bobblehead, and I was going, 'Oh cool,' … You know, I was going with my son and so we walked in and upgraded, got the bobblehead went to the section, got the bobblehead."

It soon became a hobby.

If Colon doesn't get the bobbleheads in a giveaway, he orders them online.

"I have a Facebook group called Crush City bobbleheads that I started last year," Colon said. "We do a lot of trading and raffling of sports memorabilia and bobbleheads. You can look on there yourself and some of these have gone for very, very, very high amounts."

It is also a family tradition that he shares with his children. Colon finds joy in collecting all kinds of bobbleheads.

"I’ve done all this – I’ve got probably over… I would say… my last count was about 600," Colon said. "I’ve got different sections. I’ve got all Astros here. All minor league Astros here. All Nolan Ryan's up there. All the older Astros here," Colon said pointing at different sections of the room. "These are mixed in with customs – these are customs that you can’t even get. They’re just one of a kind people made."

However, his most prized bobblehead is a mini Jose Altuve.

"I got a lot of exclusive ones," Colon said. "This little mini Altuve which is super, super rare. I remember last year they raffled one for about $1,100."

Colon said the bobblehead is from the Lexington Legends - a former Astros affiliate - and there were only about 500 of them given out.

The Astros will be playing Game 1 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park.