What Carlos Correa said after game-winning home run ALCS Game 2

HOUSTON – Carlos Correa was the Astros hero in the ALCS Game 2 win thanks to his walk-off home run that evened the series 1-1.

He met with the media after the game. Here are few of Correa's top quotes.

What's it mean to have the fans stay late to watch the ending?

"It means the world to us for them to stay late. They have to work tomorrow. The energy they bring is unbelievalbe. It's even better than what we saw in 2017. We are very grateful."

You were confident in getting your offense back on track?

"I felt like my timing was getting back and my cage work was amazing. I was confident today was the day I would break out.  I had some good at-bats. I felt like I've got this. I've had success against him (JA Happ). I saw a good pitch down the middle and drove it the other way."

Descibe that last pitch

"As soon as I hit it I knew it was going over the fence. The adrenaline was pumping and I don't know what I did, so I have to go and watch the video. Then I saw all my teammates coming out. It was a moment that will live for me forever."

Describe the play when you threw out Lemahieu at Home

"I know how tough it is to catch a line drive. As soon as I saw Altuve I went after it and grabbed it.  I looked up and said I've got this guy and made the throw. Not sure why he sent him, but thank you."

What does this win mean going to New York?

"It's huge. We knew we had to win this game with JV on the mound and our lineup would do what we do. We were able to do that today and get the win."

What has this year meant to you?

"It's the confidence I have in myself and I know what kind of player I am when I'm healthy. It's been a roller coaster year for me dealing with injuries. Moments like this tonight make it all worth it. It's all worth it."

What was it like running around the bases?

"When I was running the bases I was enjoying the moment and listening to the fans and how loud they were. It was a special moment."