'Jockstrap Rap': This is the Astros rap song everyone will be playing

You might be hard-pressed to find an Astros fan bigger than this guy.

HOUSTON – The Houston Astros are inspiring the city again and that includes the musical among us. 

KPRC 2's Cathy Hernandez uncovered a musical gem celebrating the Astros. It's called "Jockstrap Rap," and we have to say, it's incredibly catchy.

Lines like "Houston, we have no problem,"and "boys of summer, doin' their thing. Ain't gonna stop 'til they get another ring" are sure to get you dancing and excited for the next time the 'stros take the field.

The song by Tom Fooliry on YouTube already has hundreds of views, and KPRC viewers have been asking for us to play it again. So here you go -- for your listening and fan enjoyment: "Jockstrap Rap."

Watch Hernandez's full report with Tom Fooliry in the video player at the top of this article. 

And don't forget, there are other songs all about the Astros. Remember this oldie, but goodie? 


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