Q&A: Simone Biles returns to Houston after historic performance

HOUSTON – Spring's Simone Biles arrived back in Houston on Monday night after winning another championship and giving another record-breaking performance.

The Olympic gold medalist returned to Bush Intercontinental Airport after winning another national title in the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City.

On Sunday night, she became the first woman to complete what's known as a "triple-double" in competition. The move consists of two flips combined with three twists in the air.

This weekend, Biles also became the first gymnast to dismount from a balance beam routine with a double-double.

We caught up with her upon her arrival back to Houston.

Q: How does it feel to be back home?

Biles: It's always exciting to come back home just because it's home. It's comfortable for me and I can return to comfort and start training again.

Q: How proud are you of your accomplishments this past weekend?

Biles: Coming back from the year and a half that I took off and then having last year, kind of a rough world, and then to competing this year. I feel a little more comfortable.

Q: You performed two moves that had never been done in competition before. What was that like for you?

Biles: It was really exciting to at least be able to finally compete with them because I've been training in the gym for a while for them.

Q: How do you process your history-making performances?

Biles: Numbers is just a numbers things to me. I try not to pay attention and I never really hear about the significance of it until somebody tells me.

Q: You have the world championships in two months. What will your training be like between now and then?

Biles: We're kind of going to go down a little bit, but then ramp it back up just so that we can perform at our best once we go over to Stuttgart.

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