Evan Holyfield, son of Evander, launches pro boxing career in Houston

HOUSTON – Evan Holyfield, son of legendary boxer Evander Holyfield, launched his professional boxing career Wednesday in Houston.

The 21-year-old, who trains with Maurice "Termite" Watkins at the Fighter Nation Gym on the city's northeast side, estimates he’s won about 70 of his 85 amateur bouts. He said many of his losses came early in his career.

He announced that he’s signing with Main Events Boxing promotional firm, the same firm his hall-of-fame father used.

Evan Holyfield's file

  • Height: 6-foot-2
  • Weight: 154 pounds, junior middleweight
  • Amateur record: 70-15, approximately
  • Gym: Fighter Nation, Northeast Houston
  • Trainer: Termite Watkins
  • Strength coach: Tim Hallmark

'Termite' on Evan

“Evander called me one night and asked, 'Termite, would be you be interested in training my son Evan?' I was doing a little dance and said, 'Of course, I would. Can he fight?' And he said, 'Why don’t I send him to you, and you see if he can fight.' And, of course, he could fight.”

Evan on his career

“The ultimate goal at the end of all this: I want to be one of the best, win all of the belts (and) collect them like Pokémon. I want to be next to my dad. I know there isn’t a father-son tandem in the Boxing Hall of Fame. I want us to be the first one."