By the numbers: Did Noe Ramirez mean to hit Jake Marisnick?

Angels reliever Noe Ramirez (L) and Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick (R). (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – Noe Ramirez is a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels.

Late in Tuesday's game, Ramirez plunked Astros outfielder with an 89 mph fastball. The pitch hit Marisnick high on his back, and many Astros players took exception to the pitch, believing Ramirez threw at Marisnick on purpose out of retaliation.

Many believe the Angels planned to hit Marisnick with a pitch because of a play that happened at Minute Maid Park during the last game before the All-Star break. Marisnick was attempting to score a go-ahead run late in the game July 7 when he collided with Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy near home plate.

Lucroy suffered a broken nose and a concussion. Marisnick was called out and subsequently suspended for two games by Major League Baseball. The Astros and Marisnick appealed the suspension.

Marisnick appeared in his first game of the series against the Angels on Tuesday and was plunked in his third at-bat.

This leads to another question: Should Ramirez be suspended?

How wild is Ramirez?

A quick glance at Ramirez's numbers shows he's not a very wild pitcher.

He has hit 13 batters in his five seasons in the big leagues. He's pitched in 145 games. He's only walked 65 batters in his 170 innings.

This season, Marisnick became the third hit batter by Ramirez. Ramirez hadn't hit a batter since June 2 and had thrown 19 innings while only walking three batters in between.

This season, Ramirez has thrown 66% of his pitches for strikes.

Last season, he hit six batters.