What Alex Bregman is saying about the 2019 Home Run Derby

CLEVELAND – Astros third baseman/shortstop Alex Bregman spoke to reporters Monday at a news conference ahead of the 2019 Home Run Derby.

Bregman, 25, is one of eight hitters who make up the youngest Home Run Derby field in history.

The average age of the competitors is slightly higher than 25. The field includes a 20- and 21-year-old.

Bregman will take on Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson in the first round.

Here's what Bregman had to say:

What did you learn from last year's Derby?

"I think it's a lot more swings than I expected, so you gotta kind of pace yourself. I'm looking forward to it. These guys hit the ball a lot farther than I do, so I'm just happy to be up here."

What makes Pederson dangerous in this kind of contest?

"He's got incredible power. He's just a great all-around hitter. He can go deep to left field, center field, right field. He did it against us in the World Series so I know what it looks like and it's not fun when you're on that side of it."

Pederson on what makes Bregman dangerous in the Derby?

"Yea, I mean, obviously Alex, he's done it before. He says he doesn't have pop but somehow hits a lot of homers in the regular season, so he's doing alright. He's a consistent hitter and like he said we've had some good battles against each other in the World Series and they got the best of us and he was kind of leading the charge. It's going to be fun to compete against him and everyone else here."