Aggies' Jimbo Fisher hosts Coach's Night in Houston

HOUSTON – Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher stopped in Houston on Wednesday for Aggies Coach Night. It was the final Coach Night around the state following earlier events in Fort Worth, San Antonio and Dallas among the six stops.

Fisher addressed the crowd about the upcoming season as part of the fundraising event geared toward scholarships for Houston students attending Texas A&M.

Fisher discussed a number of things, including recruiting Houston and the two signing dates, the new graduate transfer rules and the expectations of the Aggies, incoming recruiting class.

On the two signing dates:

"It was easier this year than last year because I only had two weeks before that first signing day. You have to figure out when your visits, are going to be and when to set your official visits but most guys are taking it early. The big thing is now: Do you want them to take the visit in the spring? We have one more recruiting weekend, this weekend. Or, do want kids to take the visits in the fall? That part of it, you’ve still got to be very careful of, because of when the signing date is. It’s changed it, but I think it’s for the good. I would like to see it even earlier, but I think the early signing day has been good."

On graduate transfer rules:

"I think the graduate transfer rule is fine. If a guy fulfills his academic requirements, then I think he should have the ability to do that. Now, the other thing (is) the portal - I think that’s where we have to be very consistent on when we’re giving the passes and when we’re not giving the passes."

On the incoming recruiting class:

"I think we had a tremendous recruiting class. Those freshmen just now got on campus and we haven't even been able to work with them ourselves as a coaching staff. We're still in the infant stages of putting things in place, but I like where we're at. I love the attitude. Every report I'm getting back on this freshman class has been outstanding. But what they said is they love their work ethic and their demeanor and I've been very proud of that because that's what it's going to take. Everybody's got good players, but their attitude and demeanor (have) been very good."

Aggies' last 10 Seasons

Year       W-L          Bowl                                  Head Coach
2018       9-4          Gator Bowl – W                  Fisher
2017       7-6          Belk Bowl – L                      Sumlin
2016       8-5          Texas Bowl – L                   Sumlin
2015       8-5          Music City Bowl – L            Sumlin
2014       8-5          Liberty Bowl – W                Sumlin
2013       9-4          Chick-fil-A Bowl – W           Sumlin
2012       11-2        Cotton Bowl – W                 Sumlin
2011       7-6          Car Care Bowl – W             Sherman
2010       9-4          Cotton Bowl – L                  Sherman
2009       6-7          Independence Bowl – L      Sherman