Iman Shumpert joins Rockets for first day of practice


HOUSTON – Iman Shumpert is the newest Rockets player and his new teammates are excited for what he will bring to the team.

“When you’re playing a guy like that who has really good technique and instincts, it’s pretty frustrating,” James Harden said. “Glad to have him a part of our team now.”

Another positive about the addition of Shumpert is his familiarity with head coach Mike D’Antoni’s system. The two were together in New York and have a good relationship.

“Coach had him on in New York and he was one of his favorite guys. When we added a player at this deadline it was important to us that it was someone that coach could plug in,” general manager Daryl Morey said.

D’Antoni is looking forward to what Shumpert brings on both sides of the court.

“He’s good offensively. He can pass. He can shoot. Defensively, he just gets after you. He’s strong,” D'Antoni said.

Another thing that attracted the Rockets to Shumpert was his championship experience. He won a ring with the Cavaliers in 2016 and talked about seeing the potential for this Rockets team to do the same.

“This is a team that’s trying to take the next step and capture the flag, so to speak. It’s always good to earn your jewelry instead of buying it,” Shumpert said.

Shumpert will take the court as a Rocket for the first time on Saturday against the Thunder.