Another blown call? Google says Texans love spinach dip on Super Bowl Sunday

(Associated Press/Google Trends)

HOUSTON – You really can’t beat the food in Texas, and on Super Bowl Sunday, tables all across the state will be packed with mouth-watering snacks.

So, what comes to mind when you think about a big game spread in Texas -- barbecue, queso, maybe even steak? How about spinach dip?

Google Trends said this week that people in the Lone Star State are really craving spinach dip, according to TheKitchn.com.

Some Texans aren’t buying it.

We don’t really know what parameters Google used to come up with its list of “uniquely searched Super Bowl foods by state.” It sounds as if the idea is that you’ll find these more unique foods along with your Super Bowl staples, such as pizza, wings or chili.

According to TheComeBack.com, Google updated the map to show that chili is the most “relatively uniquely searched” Super Bowl recipe in Texas this week. Again, whatever that means.


So, which snacks will be part of your Super Bowl party on Sunday?

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