Fans excited ahead of Game 5 as Rockets continue quest for ring


HOUSTON – In the shadows of Toyota Center, the home of the red-hot Houston Rockets, a lunchtime pickup game is being played on a Wednesday afternoon.

"It means a lot for the city. It shows the city that you can go out there and come together as well. In every aspect. Truly, in the way they play, you know, just like the way the Astros did, I mean they did wonderful all year long. Consistency, perseverance. No quit attitude," Rockets fan Hannibal "Bake" Rose said.

The support at Tenenbaum Jewelers, on Westheimer near Mid Lane, was bright.

Orange basketballs decorate the windows and the walls.

"It's harder than it looks. They were made in Canada. They were shipped down by an 18-wheeler in huge boxes. But they're Styrofoam. But they wouldn't put the lines on them," Tenenbaum president and CEO Tony Bradfield said.

Bradfield said they got out their Sharpies and went to work. It took a day and a half to stick the Styrofoam basketballs to the building. As people drive by, Bradfield hopes Houstonians respond.

"A smile. Something fun. Something that takes us out of Harvey and gives us something to focus on," he said.

From now until game time, red will be the color of the day.

"This is a huge deal. I was born the year they were in the championship. So, I'm hoping that it can happen again for this team. For this city," Rockets fan Alec Entringer said.