Astros fans makes cookies, sweets to celebrate World Series

HOUSTON – You can see and feel the Houston Astros pride everywhere you go. Windows are all lit up downtown displaying,  "Go 'stros!"

It's all over the city, it's all over social media, it's even in one woman's kitchen.

"I was at Game 4 of the last World Series, and there were White Sox fans all around us, that was no fun!" said Sherrie Perez, who makes Astros cookies.

Perez has been making Astros cookies for about a year, but has been an Astros fan her whole life. She said this is the year they're going to win it all!

"I'm very superstitious. I've had to make Astros cookies for every game since Game 6," Perez said.

The Astros cookie orders are pouring in, her adorable cookies all over Twitter and Facebook.

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