Meet the man who snagged Jose Altuve's World Series Game 2 home run ball

HOUSTON – Originally from Baytown, Luke Mickelson is father to his 11-year-old son, Kepler and a husband.

Mickelson played baseball for Baytown Sterling High School so his love for the game runs deep. 

Mickelson is a CAT scan technician who attends San Diego State University. He'll graduate this year with a degree in business and a minor in finance. 

His family moved to California where his wife, Roxanne Cano Mickelson, is stationed with the Navy.

A long-time Astros fan, not much would have stopped Mickelson from making World Series memories with his son, not even the price tag.  He paid a whopping $3,800 for a pair of tickets, “but whatever,” he said on Twitter.

And memories he and Kepler made. One they won’t forget is snatching up Jose Altuve’s home run ball.

Mickelson said before he caught the ball, he stood up and did a muscle arm for “Houston strong.” Moments later, Altuve hit the homer, the ball fell near Mickelson and it rolled on the ground and knocked Mickelson’s foot. He grabbed the ball and held it up. 

Mickelson decided not to keep the historic ball. After the game, he went to the dugout and asked if Altuve might want the ball. An Astros rep took it, but promised Mickelson would get something in return. 

The whole experience for Mickelson and his son has been surreal, and they definitely have a story to tell for years to come.

“Helluva magical night at the World Series. That was me that caught the Altuve Homerun ball.” Mickelson tweeted the morning after.

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