Superstitious? Astros fans reveal their World Series superstitions


HOUSTON – Astros fans said the team needs all the help it can get to bring home a win Wednesday night against the Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series. Some of what they have to offer is luck. 

Many people may go to quirky or extreme lengths to follow superstitions, which they believe will help the Astros to victory.

There may be many stinky fans come the end of the series as not washing clothes seems to be the most popular superstition. 

Here's a list of some superstitions we came across:

Repeat the same meals

"We've been eating Mexican food every night they've won, so I think we're going TO go with Mexican food before the game tonight," Wayne Taylor said.

Put your lucky hat on your dog

Taylor also wears the same hat and shirt every game, but he also swears that putting his hat on his dog, will help spark a home run.
Do the same things over and over again

"Absolutely. Always do what you did the day before," said Christy Rowland.

Rowland swears that keeping the same routine before every game, including where you eat and sit, will carry over. If they didn't win, switch seats!

"I ate at my friend's [Tuesday]. I'm eating at home today," said Rowland.
Don't interrupt when the Astros are at bat

"Whenever the Astros are batting, we don't let people come in until they're finished batting," said Russell Greco.

Greco said everyone should be standing and focused on the TV when anyone on the team is battling. 

Don't do laundry...at least until it's ALL over

Many people believe in the luck...not washing away.

"I have this one shirt that says , 'Hustle' on it--and I haven't washed it ever since the play-offs," said David Gonzalez.

Even if you might stink! 

"I mean I got cologne so its not that big a deal," said Gonzalez.

"Been wearing same shoes and socks to every play-off game," said Kevin Martinez.

Have your family watch...all of them

Taryn Schultz said he father had been a big time Astros fan. So, after he passed away, she would take his photo and move it onto the couch, so he could watch along.

She said it works like a charm!

What are your superstitions? Comment below!

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