Team USA unveils Olympic opening ceremony uniforms

'It's really comfortable'


HOUSTON – In one week, Team USA athletes will making a bold American fashion statement at the opening ceremonies in Rio.

The American Olympians at the parade of nations will be decked in Ralph Lauren sportswear. From the red, white and blue-striped boat shoes to their tops, sporting the same colors, to the white, denim jeans and navy-blue blazer with the Ralph Lauren signature logo.

Courtney and Kelley Hurley, who are part of the U.S. fencing team and were born in Houston, said they’re impressed with the outfits.

This week, Channel 2 got a sneak peek of the uniform while Team USA athletes were in town for their fittings.

"I really feel like I will wear this uniform out and about," one of the Hurley sisters said.

"It's really comfortable," the other Hurley sister said. "It's really nice. I'm huge on being comfortable."

The Hurleys, who are two-and-a-half years apart, said they’re excited to represent Houston and Texas.

“The nerves are definitely creeping in," one of the Hurleys said. "The last few days, I keep waking up from nightmares, not showing up with pants on."

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