Daily Craig: Coping with Copa America

HOUSTON – I do torture myself from time to time by listening to sports talk radio. I heard two guys who only talk about THE TEXANS laughing about their non-knowledge of the Copa America Tourney. As a sports dude who never thought it was smart to NOT KNOW ABOUT A SPORT, I always tried to know enough about all sports to be dangerous in a VERBAL bar fight. Granted, I have never figured out Cricket except to know they have cell phone stores. The COPA AMERICA deal is celebrating it's 100th year. Three of the games were scheduled for NRG here in town. GAME ONE WAS SATURDAY when almost 45,000 showed up to see Costa Rica upset Colombia.

The place will be packed tonight as MEXICO comes to town. IT DOESN'T MATTER who Mexico plays. A guy with Lone Star Sports (the group who schedules the building when the TEXANS aren't in it) told me the marketing plan was simple. MEXICO HERE TONIGHT would be on the marquee and bingo, it's a success. Venezuelan fans will come here to see lights on for the first time in months. Their national team will be the other guys.Houston also gets a semi-final match June 21st.

How long the media ignores this or doesn't give it much pub is a question. My edition of the local paper yesterday had one black and white photo of the Costa Rican game. Their website had more detail. I might call a sports station today to ask if they can name five guys on THE U.S.NATIONAL TEAM. I am pretty sure I would win that bet.