Would Big 12 Conference expansion include University of Houston?


HOUSTON – While the University of Houston remains a longshot to join the Big 12 Conference should they decide to expand, UH officials are doing their part to promote what they could bring to the Big 12 if an invitation was ever offered.

ESPN reported that back in November, University of West Virginia President Gordon Gee was in Houston on a development trip, and while at UH, he had the chance to meet with officials and get a first-hand look at the Cougars' operations and facilities.  Gee, along with the President's from Baylor and Oklahoma, also happens to be on the Expansion committee for the Big 12.

UH VP of Athletics Hunter Yurachek said in a statement, "We can confirm that West Virginia president Gordon Gee was on campus in November with the primary purpose of a development exercise in regards to capital campaigns. While he was on our Tier One campus, we took the opportunity to showcase our new and improved athletics facilities as well as our beautiful campus situated right in the heart of the nation's fourth-largest city."

While UH would likely welcome any interest from the Big 12 they will have plenty of competition from schools in other key markets the conference may desire. Other schools that would draw interest include the likes of South Florida, BYU, Cincinnati and Connecticut. 

The Big 12 will likely decide in June if expansion is something they want to pursue.