Daily Craig: The ides of January

In ancient Rome the lunar calendar had just 10 months beginning with MARTICUS. (That is March for those calendar watchers) Since we don't follow that calendar, today is the Ides of the year's first month. Caesar was warned and now many lunars down the road he is best remembered as a SALAD.  I am just wandering through nonsense to get to the point of my effort on this day. This week in Houston Sports was marked by the owner of the TEXANS telling reporters his team needs a QUARTERBACK. I am not sure why we didn't break into programming for that, but we didn't. Aaron Rodgers isn't ready to change teams  and neither is BRADY OR WILSON OR SMITH but RG III  is.  Nothing like a guy who dressed out for 1 game with the REDSKINS.  Since today is the IDES OF JANUARY, I think BOB MCNAIR has finally listened to the warnings.

My former neighbor won the NATIONAL Championship again and then lost the coach of the year award. He wasn't crushed. The knee jerkers among us asked why NICK SABAN wasn't destined to return to the NFL. Yea, cause life is so bad he wants that grief. Chip Kelly flopped in Philly but instead of going back to college  took his pep talk and smoothies to SAN FRANCISCO. CHIP, THE fans there can be brutal too.

I WAS at the monthly meeting of the TOUCHDOWN CLUB OF HOUSTON yesterday. I can report there will be some seriously big goings on as the CLUB is now in it's 50th year of serving the greater Houston area. The primo party is always the TOUCHDOWNER OF THE YEAR BANQUET. This time we'll move it to the TEXANS PRACTICE BUBBLE at NRG. One of the most famous football families ever will have their DAD HONORED. More as we get closer but this is one deal you won't want to miss.I gotta see if Bob MCNAIR might be interested in the QB from MISS. ST. He sure looks like a pro to me.