How to effectively plan your evacuation in the event of a hurricane

Stock image/Ray Bilcliff
Stock image/Ray Bilcliff (Pexels)

With hurricanes a major threat to the Houston-Galveston region, it may become necessary to evacuate portions of the area, depending on the severity of the hurricane.

Planning ahead is vital to evacuating quickly and safely. Residents on the coast can take steps to prepare for an evacuation by knowing specific evacuation zone and the evacuation routes in their community.

Here are key items to know if in need of evacuating due to a hurricane, according to the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

Know your zone

Should an evacuation become necessary, authorities will have evacuation orders in a phased approach by ZIP code zone, or Zip Zone.

Knowing a zone will help people better understand when and if there’s a need to evacuate during a hurricane. It will also help avoid unnecessary evacuation travel, thereby reducing highway traffic, helping overcrowding at local storm shelters, and aiding public safety.

To find a detailed Zip Zone map for the Southeast Texas region, click or tap here.

Know your evacuation routes