All the ways to be healthy at home

How are you feeling in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic?

How productive and healthy are you staying at home?
How productive and healthy are you staying at home? (Photo provided by Memorial Hermann)

Taking your work from office to home can be an adjustment, especially if you’re sharing the space with a partner or kiddos.

Try and use this new working-from-home reality to create a healthy routine and keep your mental health top of mind.

How can you establish a healthy routine while quarantining or working from home?

Many of us have quickly shifted to home offices and might feel ill-equipped to work from home. We long for a sense of normalcy as we try to work while sharing spaces with family members. Despite the tricky transition, there are some steps we can take to establish a healthy routine when working from home.


First and foremost, designate a proper workspace free of distractions. You might laugh at this suggestion as you think of the toys strewn all over the kitchen or everyone else in the family vying for private space. Where in your home can you arrive at work ready to focus? It might not be best to work from your bed because you might be tempted to doze off. If you work in front of a TV, you might be tempted to sneak in your favorite show or “SportsCenter.” You might work best in front of a window with natural light or in the back of the house, far away from everyone. Having a workspace with a door is ideal -- especially if you have little ones who don’t understand that mommy or daddy is working.

If you are fortunate to have a desk, what does your desk look like? Is there anything on your desk that inspires you and makes you happy? Maybe it’s a picture, a calming scent, a plant or special artwork. Whatever the case, put something on your desk that makes you smile and supports your best work.