How this local company is taking safety measures amid coronavirus pandemic

Man checks inside cabinets.
Man checks inside cabinets. (ABC Home and Commercial Services)

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As people everywhere are doing what they can to keep themselves safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to just make the whole world stop. We still have needs for all kinds of things.

The folks at ABC Home and Commercial Services want to ensure their customers they are doing their part in following all the safety recommendations by the World Health Organization, in order to keep serving their customers’ needs, including:

  • Wearing gloves plastic or rubber at all customer locations.
  • Hand washing and keeping cleansers and disinfectants accessible to all employees.
  • Reducing all contact.
  • Handling outside only services for all customers.

If customers need services handled inside the home, pest control technicians will have the option to wear a respirator or face mask if requested.

In addition, if employees are having any symptoms whatsoever, they will be encouraged to stay home.

The company is also going paperless, so employees will not be leaving any door hangers in order to completely avoid any contact.

“We want you to know that we take the health of our customers, our employees and our communities very seriously," the company said. “In a rapidly changing environment, we are following the latest recommendations of local and international health experts to guide our operations.”

If you find yourself in need of pest and rodent control, any sort of outdoor jobs, pool services and more, contact ABC Home and Commercial Services with the assurance that everyone there is doing all they can to stay safe, as well as keep their customers safe while conducting business.

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