Rodeo’s night 3 mutton bustin’ champ says her mom made the best practice sheep

HOUSTON – An aspiring veterinarian from Industry, Texas, who won night three of mutton bustin’ at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo said her parents helped her hone her skills.

Mutton bustin’ is a nightly Rodeo event that requires the children competing to ride across a pen on the back of sheep. The goal is to stay atop the wooly mammal for as long as possible.

Campbell Witte, 6, made it all the way across the pen without falling off. She even lost her helmet along the way.

Campbell credited her win to the practice she did with her mom and dad, which included her parents pretending to be sheep.

“Who’s the better sheep, mom or dad?” the announcer asked Campbell.

“Mom,” Campbell replied.


“Cause she acts crazier.”

Congrats, Campbell.

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