‘Hold on tight’: First mutton bustin’ champ of 2020 Rodeo has some good advice for future riders

HOUSTON – The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo opened Tuesday, and the first mutton bustin’ champ of the year had some good advice for future competitors.

Mutton bustin’ is a nightly Rodeo event that requires the children competing to ride across a pen on the back of sheep. The goal is to stay atop the wooly mammal for as long as possible.

Brently Hartinger, of Tarkington Prairie, Texas, made it all the way across the sheep pen during his ride Tuesday night at NRG Stadium. In fact, someone had to almost pry the 6-year-old off his mutton.

When the aspiring bronco rider was asked how he was able to perform so well, he shared his strategy: “I dig my feet in, and I hold on tight.”

Sounds like some words of wisdom to anyone who is participating in this year’s mutton bustin’ event.

Congrats, Brently.

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