Houston Newsmakers Jan. 15: Trump transition, Super Bowl Breakfast, medical ethics and mortality

HOUSTON – President-elect Trump will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

It is just one part of the peaceful transfer of power, the hallmark of our democracy.

Peter Roussel is a professor at Sam Houston State University, but has served presidents Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush and says the president-elect has much more on his plate than the obvious.

“There’s a key part of that inaugural which is the inaugural acceptance speech,” he said. “Think of the impact that those speeches have had down through the years. To this day we talk about John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech. Just when you think that’s all done and you’re ready to move on, you’ve got the State of the Union coming up.”


The Super Bowl Breakfast, which will take place the morning before the Super Bowl, is a showcase of faith.

Former Houston Oiler and eight-year NFL veteran Doug Dawson says so much about the breakfast makes it special but the Bart Star Award presentation is the topper.

“It’s a super-prestigious award. It’s one of two awards that’s only voted on by the players,” he said. “The Pro Bowl is only voted on by the players and the Bart Starr award. So it’s a huge deal and a great honor and we’re just super excited to be able to bring it to Houston.”


What will you do when your parent is dying? How will you handle how their final days will be lived?

Who in your family will take charge?

Have you made arrangements for your own end of life?

Amy McGuire, Ph.D. is Director of the Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy.

Her organization works to help answer some of those questions and this week on Houston Newsmakers Extra you hear some of the examples about what they do and how you may benefit.

N.J. Pierce is Co-Chair of the one woman docudrama “Let Me Down Easy” performed by actress playwright Anna Deavere Smith. Her performance is part of an evening designed to open a discussion about mortality and the ethical issues surrounding the difficult decisions we all must face at some point in our lives.


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