Why we love Texas: Here’s what you can tell your non-Texan friends about kolaches


When you travel out of state and end up at donut shop in the morning, the first disappointment is that you aren’t at Shipley’s; the second is they don’t sell a Texan’s favorite breakfast: kolaches.

Despite originating in Europe, kolaches seem to be exclusive to Texas.

If you ask a non-Texan if they’ve ever tried a kolache, they likely won’t know what you’re talking about. So, if you want to give them a little lesson, here’s what you could tell them:

Originally, kolaches were a Czech pastry made of dough and filled with fruit or cheese, but the recipe evolved as Czech immigrants founded communities during the 1880s in rural Texas and now kolaches are pretty much stuffed with anything.

Today, a traditional Texas kolache is a warm sausage with melted cheese wrapped in a bun. You can also order it with jalapeno.

Donut shops are not the only place to get a kolache. In recent years, several kolache shops have popped up, offering a variety of kolaches.

The Kolache Factory menu has everything from sausage and cheese to barbecue brisket to chicken enchilada.

The rest of the world hasn’t caught on yet, but there’s hope. A British man gave kolaches an 11-out-of-10 after his first try.

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