Tenth Talks: Watch five experts predict the future of health care in Texas


In this edition of Tenth Talks, a Texas Tribune video series on the next 10 years of Texas, five of the state’s top health industry innovators predict what’s in store for their field.

Tenth Talks: Mini Kahlon says when it comes to fixing health care, we must ask the right questions.

In this episode of Tenth Talks, the vice dean of the University of Texas at Austin's Dell Medical School says the next decade presents an opportunity for a radical rethinking — not just of how we treat disease, but how we prevent it in the first place.

Tenth Talks: Christopher Crow says it’s time for a health care revolution.

In this episode of Tenth Talks, the CEO of StratiFi health says big hospitals, big pharma and big insurers are profiting off of an increasingly sick and less productive Texas. In the next decade, he argues, health care will fall apart — and make room for a new revolution.

Tenth Talks: Angela Moemeka says Texas must improve kids’ access to primary care.

In this episode of Tenth Talks, Moemeka, a pediatrician, argues for a Medicaid program that rewards doctors for providing primary care for kids — the fastest way to build a healthy populace.

Tenth Talks: Avik Roy says health care costs are threatening Texas' competitiveness

In this episode of Tenth Talks, the president of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity says the rising cost of health care in Texas is eroding our standard of living. Here's how he would stem the tide.

Tenth Talks: Courtney Phillips says the state’s health agency must improve today to prepare for the next decade.

In this episode of Tenth Talks, the state’s health commissioner talks about what it will take for her agency to serve 9 million Texans a month 10 years from now.

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