2 guys hope to rename Dripping Springs to 'Pound Town'

By Megan Kennedy - Digital News Editor

Two guys from the Dripping Springs area hope to re-name the city to Pound Town after one of the founding families, the Pounds.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas - Two guys are hoping to change the name of Dripping Springs, Texas.

Micah Archer grew up in Dripping Springs, a city with a population of nearly 4,000, but has since moved to a more rural part of the county. He said he grew up learning about the city's founding families: the Pounds, the Mosses and the Wallaces -- even going to the "Pound house" as kids. 

The founding families were a part of his upbringing, he said. 

That's why he and his friend Daniel McCarthy are hoping to change the name of the city to honor Dr. Joseph McKegg Pound. The name "Dripping Springs" doesn't do the city justice, he said. Rather, Pound Town would bring a sense of honor to the city.

While some may balk at the name, Archer and McCarthy say they're serious. 

"For a bunch of churchgoing people, residents here are sure up in arms," McCarthy said, adding that they're "madder than a wet hen."

City officials with Dripping Springs said they have not been contacted by the two men, and are "laughing along with the rest of everybody."

Archer said they are working to get the proposal on the ballot, but in the meatime have a GoFundMe to support the campaign.

The two are even selling merchandise on their website, ranging from T-shirts to baby onesies that read, "made in Pound Town."

Why did Archer and McCarthy pick the Pound family out of the others? Their website said it's because "Dr. Pound was the earliest doctor in Hays County, The Pound house served as a medical office and hospital, church, schoolhouse, post office and social gathering place for the fledgling community of Dripping Springs" and "Dr. Pound also insisted on treating the local Indians with respect, and due to this was never raided."

The City of Dripping Springs' website says, "What is now the Dr. Pound Pioneer Farmstead Historical Museum was built by Dr. J.M. Pound in 1854. The Pound family operated the farm for more than 130 years. The home was a hospital and a church before being donated to the city as a museum. Dr. Pound, the earliest doctor in Hays County, served in the Mexican and Civil wars, and four generations of his family lived in the home."

As for what's next? Archer and McCarthy said they will be attending the Founders Day Festival with their petition, trying to rally support.

KPRC has reached out to Dripping Springs Mayor Todd Purcell for comment, but have not heard back. 

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