Residents report water leaks going unattended for weeks in SW Houston

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Jacqueline Onochie and her neighbors in the Braes Park neighborhood in southwest Houston say they've been calling for the past 13 days.

That's how long water has been pouring from a water line nonstop. Homeowners say they've called the city of Houston numerous times but they haven't been told the cause of the leak or when it's getting fixed.

"We have kids in the neighborhood playing, we have dogs, we have pets, and we're here," says Jacqueline Onochie. "And this is just an eyesore."

But it's more than just an eyesore for Stacy Breaux. The leak is spewing right in front of her house -- pooling up myriad problems for her family.

"One evening we got home and our water pressure, we had none," she says. "And then we went to flush our toilets and it was like brown gook coming through. So that scared me."

A Channel 2 crew drove around and found two other leaks in this neighborhood. But these sites are just a drop in the bucket for the city -- which has a number of other leaks to plug -- including one on Weslyan Street near Bissonnet, leaking now for at least the past 25 days.

The residents here in Braes Park are also concerned about a potential sinkhole, saying the street is starting to buckle where the water has been pouring for the past two weeks.

They're asking for a fix before things get worse.

"Come out and get it fixed," Onochie said. "Do your job, city of Houston. That's it."

Channel 2 reached out to the city and were told there are two repairs needed to fix the line in Braes Park and those repairs will be made Tuesday.

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