New norm? What HPD is doing to cut down on highway spool incidents

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - After routinely seeing spools spinning down Houston freeways, you start to wonder if it's the new norm.

Sgt. Chapel Love, with the Houston Police Department's Truck Enforcement Unit, has noticed the spools. He said there is one common thread -- loads that are not properly tied down.

"We are definitely seeing an increase," Love said "They're supposed to secure them by bracing. They're supposed to cradle the actual spool itself so that, during the course of its transport, it's not rocking back and forth and creating a situation where the straps or chains loosen, and the load becomes compromised once that happens."

Love said the department has 28 officers working on truck enforcement.

This week, he said, they have written 15 tickets for loads that were too tall. He said the loads could hit an overpass and damage cars.

"We'll stop the truck. Then we'll actually measure the truck to determine the height. We'll also investigate and find out whether or not the driver has a permit," Love said.

He said the Texas Department of Transportation  has sensors that immediately alert police if a truck's load is too tall.

Police check to make sure loads and spools are tied down right.

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