Thieves party in restaurant closed during coronavirus shelter-in-place

Surveillance footage of a break-in at La Costanera restaurant in Montara. (CBS)

A restaurant along the San Mateo County coast closed due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place was trashed by thieves who partied at his business, the owner said.

The break-in took place at the La Costanera restaurant in Montara, Calif. last week. Surveillance video showed at least four suspects breaking in, stealing cash and drinking plenty of alcohol. The thieves did not leave until the following day.

Manager Jorge Palacios said damage aside, the most important thing right now is for everyone to be safe.

“Be safe, it doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant or your home – people are gonna be looking for it,” Palacios said. “We’re on week one and we don’t even see the entire problems yet.”

The restaurant plans to reopen once the lockdown is lifted.

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