SpaceCom: This is what to expect as NASA, aerospace and industry come together in Houston

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - SpaceCom is happening right here in Houston, Texas, USA, on Planet Earth.

The Space Commerce Conference and Exposition is where NASA and the aerospace industry come together.

The conference started Tuesday and winds up Wednesday.

People who attend can see cutting-edge technology in an interactive exhibit hall.  They can also get involved in NASA presentations.  

PHOTOS: Spacecom in Houston

"It brings together industries that normally don't work together. You have energy, space, you have medical and agri-business and maritime and advanced manufacturing. The second part is, we see this growing commercial market," NASA Tech. Transfer Strategist Steven Gonzalez said. "Our technology was behind the cell phone, the camera on a cell phone. Our technology enables Lasik eye surgery. Our technology helped TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) in being able to move premature infants from facility to facility. I think that it's one thing that Houston has and that this conference enables in being able to create new markets and new opportunities from innovations that came from NASA."









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