Man admits to killing 14-year-old half-brother, authorities say

HOUSTON - A 14-year-old boy is being remembered Wednesday after he was shot and killed Monday -- a day after his birthday.

HPD officials said around 2:20 a.m. at 192 Goodson Drive, several witnesses and O’Cyrus Breaux were standing on the driveway in front of his home when they heard gunshots and saw O’Cyrus had been struck.

"He was the best thing,” cried Ellen Breaux, the teen’s mother.

She said O’Cyrus was an honor roll student, liked making inventions and played football.

“Man, I got that report, he got As and Bs, he ran around showing everybody,” explained Breaux.

A series of unfortunate circumstances unfolded as the boy's family and community try to mourn.

The memorial service is Friday night.

The next couple days after the shooting O’Cyrus Breaux’s mother Ellen and his half-brother, Messiah, were charged with aggravated robbery for an unrelated case.

Harris County Deputies said the two admitted to robbing a man at gunpoint at his home parking lot on Cypress Station and taking his money and car. Ellen Breaux allegedly drove the getaway car.

"During the investigation for aggravated robbery while he was in custody for that -- (Messiah) gave a statement about the aggravated robbery but also told investigators that he admitted to shooting his brother," said prosecuting attorney Casey Goodman. 

WATCH: Prosecuting attorney Casey Goodman speaks after Messiah, Ellen Breaux held on no bond

O'Cyrus Breaux

"Because of the investigation into the death of his brother and because of his admitting to shooting his brother we asked the judge to raise the bond; the judge agreed to hold him at no bond," said Goodman.

The district court judge set Ellen’s bond at $50,000.

The boy's father, Bill Jackson, said he was shocked and doesn't know what happened, but wants his son to be remembered.

"I just dropped the phone. My heart started beating fast," said Jackson, who lives in New Orleans.

"Each day there have been different developments that have made his story even more devastating," said E.A. Deckard, senior pastor of Green House International Church in Houston.

The memorial service will be Wednesday at Green House International Church.

The boy's father and his pastor said he was a beacon of light among all of the negative things happening, including his own family members ending up in court.

"Even though we received some devastating news about what actually happened to him, the narrative about (O’Cyrus) doesn't change,” Deckard said. “How he would stop fights at school, how he would speak positive over the other kids -- this kid is an amazing kid."

His pastor said O’Cyrus has overcome adversity in so many ways.

O’Cyrus' father, who lives in New Orleans, was devastated.

"I was just as shocked as everybody else. If I knew this was going to happen, I would never put my son in danger," he said.

However, he wants his son to be remembered for his inventive spirit, his intelligence and love to bring others up.

Deckard said he hopes the community comes together, Wednesday, to celebrate the young boy’s life.

"Even in amidst of his negative environment, he still made a conscious decision every day to get up and be the best kid he can be," Deckard said. “Amidst all the darkness, he chose to be the light.”

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