Sister shoots brother after baby chokes on mint in Houston’s southside, police say

HOUSTON – An argument after a baby choked on a mint led to a shooting, according to the Houston Police Department.

Officers said the baby’s father was shot by his sister at a home off Bay Cedar Drive in the southside of Houston. The baby and father are expected to be OK, and his sister is in custody.

Man pointed gun at passing cars, followed home by DEA agent before being arrested by SWAT, officials say

Officers were dispatched to the home around 9 p.m. on Friday.

The siblings were at their mother’s house having a movie night. An 11-year-old girl at the home fed the 10-month-old baby a mint, police said.

The baby choked, and another person tried to clear the infant’s airway.

Law enforcement said the father became upset and began yelling at the girl who gave the mint to the baby.

This led to fights breaking out that involved mace. The sister later went out to her car, grabbed a gun, walked back into the home, and shot her brother, according to HPD.

“He’s going to live. Everybody is cooperating at this time. So, right now it’s up to the DA’s office and investigators to figure out where this ends up,” Houston police Lt. R. Willkens said.

It’s unclear what charges the woman will face.

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