7 injured after teen suspects spotted shooting BB guns at people in Galveston, police says

Here's what we know

GALVESTON – Galveston police are searching for multiple suspects who were seen driving around the Island and shooting BB guns at people, leaving seven injured.

Authorities said the incident happened on Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. in four areas -- 44th Street and Avenue Q, 23rd Street and Avenue M, the crosswalk at 25th and Seawall and 31st Street and P 1/2 Street.

“I really hope they find who did that and I hope the families are okay,” said Ciera Cockerham, a Houston resident visiting Galveston.

Officers described the suspects as teenagers who were driving around in a beige-colored Buick Enclave SUV.

“BB guns aren’t like going to kill you, but it definitely hurts, and if one of my children ever got hit, I’m pretty sure my husband would not be very happy,” said Aysla Ripley, a visitor from Killeen.

Two people reported going to the UTMB Health Emergency Center after being shot in the face. Others reported being shot in the leg and arm. Ultimately, locals said they hope the suspects get caught.

“We rely on tourism here and we want everyone to have a great time, not a dangerous time. This should not be dangerous,” said local resident Lee Cuchara.

No one was seriously injured, but Galveston police said anyone with information about the suspects should give them a call.