Man diagnosed with autism rings end-of-treatment bell after battling cancer for 7 months

Grant Manier is incredibly inspiring.

The Houston native is an eco-artist who turns recycled elements into works of art. But that is just part of his amazing journey.

Grant has autism and is a special needs advocate.

He is also a cancer survivor.

Grant and his mother moved to Wisconsin late last year. In early 2022, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

After seven months of treatment, including chemotherapy, he has been declared cancer free. He rang the end-of-treatment bell last week.

Fast forward to this week, when Grant and his mother returned to Houston for a big reveal.

GOYA Food commissioned an art piece from Grant, and that masterpiece was unveiled on Wednesday.

He used over 6000 pieces of recycled materials.

Almost all of the materials are from GOYA’s labels, books, brochures, beans, peas and magazines.

The artwork also includes Grant’s signature mark of recycled puzzles, in honor of autism awareness.

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