‘Stand in need of a miracle’: Former Lakewood associate pastor John Gray hospitalized with life-threatening pulmonary embolism, wife says

Gray’s wife says he will need to undergo 2 emergency surgeries


GREENVILLE, South Carolina – The family of former Lakewood Church associate pastor John Gray is asking for prayers after he was hospitalized with a saddle pulmonary embolism, an Instagram post by Gray’s wife, Aventer Gray, said.

Aventer, who has been married to John for 11 years, took to Instagram Sunday and said after “feeling different” for the past few weeks, he went to the emergency room and found out he had a “saddle pulmonary embolism in the pulmonary artery and more lung blood clots.”

“My family and I stand in need of a miracle,” Aventer said.

Aventer continued, saying the embolism is in a position that could end his life if it shifts.

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“The clot burden is severe and only God is holding it in place,” Aventer said.

According to Aventer, John, who is the current pastor for Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, will need two types of surgeries within the next 24 hours due to pressure that is now on his heart and he can’t even get up to use the bathroom due to the severity of his condition.

“God isn’t done! I don’t care what CT, ECHO, all, or any of the tests show, Aventer said. “It’s clear God isn’t finished. Clots have to bow to my God!”

The family is asking for prayers at this time in hopes that Pastor Gray will recover.

John was an associate pastor under megachurch pastor Joel Osteen. He and his family moved to Greenville in 2018 to pastor Redemption Church, now known as Relentless Church.

According to the National Library of Medicine, a saddle pulmonary embolism is a rare type of blockage in an artery in the lungs that can be life-threatening.

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