Beloved KPRC 2 ‘Father of Morning News,’ Rusty Knight, passes away

Rusty Knight, KPRC 2's "Father of Morning News" (KPRC)

HOUSTON – It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share that a beloved figure of the KPRC 2 family has passed away. Richard “Rusty” Knight worked for the station from 1973 through 2012 and, even in retirement, kept close ties to the station.

“I remember Rusty as an authentic Texan with a heart the size of the state he so dearly loved and an equally large sense of humor,” KPRC 2 Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin said.

Martin said, even this week, Rusty was texting one the station’s producers about coverage.

“You could say he was the ‘Father of our morning news,’” Martin said. “We are a better place because he was on our team.”

Rusty Knight, may you rest in peace.

KPRC station photo (KPRC)