VIDEO: Children’s Museum Houston opening new exhibit

Children’s Museum Houston is opening a new exhibit Thursday. Named “Newton Know-How,” the exhibit explores the physics associated with the laws of motion. Keith Ostfeld, aka “Mr. O” joined KPRC’s Lisa Hernandez and Owen Conflenti on KPRC 2 to give a preview of the exhibit.

Here’s how Children’s Museum Houston describes it’s new exhibit:

Newton Know-How provides kids the opportunities for an immersive exploration into the physics of force and motion including Newton’s Laws of Motion. Throughout the exhibit, kids can examine different kinds of motion – speeding up and slowing down; falling and bouncing; spinning and sliding, and much more! They can also begin to test how forces – pushes and pulls – change motion whether they apply it, if it due to gravity, and/or due to friction. Plus they can delve into more complex topics like transfer of momentum, collisions, chain reactions, angular momentum, transformation of potential energy into kinetic, projectile motion, and more. From early learners just starting to explore motion to older kids learning about physics, Newton Know-How has a variety of avenues for discovery and experimentation.

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