Neighbors rejoice after horrific pile of trash left on front lawn was cleaned overnight in SE Houston

HOUSTON – Neighbors in southeast Houston rejoiced Friday morning after seeing that a giant pile of trash was being cleaned up.

Several homeowners on Glenhurst Drive were at a loss for words after seeing trash pile up inside and outside a home on their block for months.

The home was cited multiple times, beginning in December.

Less than 24-hours after the neighbors shared their story, the cleanup began.

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The morning of Good Friday was certainly a good one for Stephanie Page, who lives just across from a home that had been collecting trash for years.

“Oh, honey! Look!,” Page said. “It looked like a whole house full of trash.”

Neighbors complained about the giant growing pile of garbage outside the home, which had become a throne to the rats, roaches, and rodents. Residents like Page, Tonya Banks, and Alice Sneed knew these conditions were harming the neighborhood. They all agreed that the conditions that were unlivable and unacceptable.

“It’s a hazard. We smell the smell,” Page said. “Look, I’m laughing, but it’s not funny because it’s true. It’s true.”

The City of Houston Department of Neighborhoods told KPRC Thursday:

“Inspectors went to the property in December of 2021. The owners were cited and got an extension to remove trash and junk vehicles.

Inspectors went back in March of this year. The junk vehicles were removed but not the trash. The owners were cited a second time.

The owners will have to go to court and could be fined if the situation is not remedied.”

Less than 24-hours after they shared their story, their voices were heard.

Friday morning, Page woke up to the sounds of a massive cleanup.

”I saw them getting the stuff up! I was happy! I said, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’” Page said with a big smile.

She says the owners contacted her and let her know that they were having the place cleaned up.

“It feels good because it makes the neighborhood look better,” Sneed said.

And, while this neighborhood had grown used to the disdain of staring at trash, they said the sight of the cleanup makes them smile.

“It’s a relief. This looks better. I’m just happy it’s done,” Page said.