Family concerned for safety after car, home near Katy hit with bullets

KATY, Texas – A homeowner just outside of Katy said he found bullet holes in his home and car earlier this week.

“I saw a hole in the wall and I was wondering where the hole came from,” said Henry, who did not want to show his face.

He first made the discovery in his bedroom. He said the window was also broken.

“I went to my camera and I began to look around and see if I could see who was shooting at my property,” the man said.

His outside cameras don’t show much but did capture some sound.

“I hear a couple of gunshots, maybe 13 shots, like pop, pop, pop, you know like continuous but I don’t see anybody,” Henry said of the video. “There was nobody. I could just hear the sound.”

The next day, he said he noticed his car was damaged too. Henry said he was working in his home office on Tuesday night and heard some noise but initially thought it might be the wind.

He said his two kids, ages one and four, were also home sleeping.

“It was scary because I was thinking: do I have maybe a bullet going somewhere else,” he said. “So I kept going around the room, you know, looking for like other holes, like what could have happened? Did it travel to their room?”

Henry said no one in his home was hurt but he’s now planning for more cameras and would like to see some patrols in the area.

Henry filed a report with deputies. He suspects the gunfire may have come from down the street but does not think he was the target.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said there was one call for gunshots just before midnight that is probably related. They said investigators are working with a neighbor who may have camera footage.