Nearly a dozen vehicles recovered in Houston theft operation; 2 suspects arrested

Several vehicles recovered in theft operation

HOUSTON – Lane Henson spent the afternoon assessing the damage of his stolen truck and collecting what he could out of it from a Houston police impound lot on Friday.

“Don’t ever think that it couldn’t happen to you because obviously it very easily could,” Henson said.

He said his truck was stolen from his apartment complex in Northwest Harris County weeks ago and didn’t expect it would ever be found.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I lost I hope they were going to find it. Because it’s been three weeks and it’s Houston, there’s millions of people here,” Henson said.

But earlier this week on Tuesday, Henson’s truck was recovered with nearly a dozen others after investigators with the Houston Police Department’s auto theft division conducted an undercover operation involving suspects who they say were switching vehicle VINS at a shop in the 16000 block of Hollister in Northwest Harris County.

Police said two suspects were arrested.

“Looks like they had their kids and the dog and everything there’s this. And then on the other side of here there’s kids toys,” Henson said.

He said he’s glad to have his truck back, although admitting it’s not the same considering it was stolen.

Something he never thought he’d have to go through.

“You see it on TV and you see it on here and there and you think, man that sucks. But you never actually think it would happen to you. It’s just, like, wow it’s crazy,” Henson said.

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